Orange Griffin

Mentoring is a client-centred approach in which a more experienced person supports a resourceful professional in reaching their academic or professional goals. My expertise is in creating a learning partnership for social care professionals, managers and leaders who are exploring their career options.


  • Motivate

  • Empower

  • Nurture self-confidence

  • Teach by example

  • Raise the performance bar

Fee Structure
Individual 1 to 1 mentoring session = £60/hour (face to face; over the phone or on Skype)

Documents reviewing = £30/hour (reviewing and amending CV’s , job application forms, support statements, case studies, self-assessments, development plans, strategic plans, etc)

10 hours professional development programme
A career MOT and setting up SMART career goals
Increase your knowledge and confidence
Define a plan for passing the probation period
Develop an exit strategy if you want a career change
Develop a “find a new job” strategy
Master the interview preparation skills through role play
I will keep you on track with regular reminders

Your commitment
You should consider investing at least ten hours in achieving your goals.
Your contribution will be only £50/hour if you commit to a ten hours program.
Be prepared for some individual research work between sessions.